Company History

The national debut of Mott's was a springboard for S.R., who had been manufacturing and growing apples in New York since 1842, using techniques he learned from his grandfather, Zebulon Mott. S.R. pioneered advanced pasteurization and filtration techniques at his mill in Bouckville, N.Y., and the popularity of his products began to grow.

After the death of one of his sons, S.R. retired from the apple business, selling the company to his remaining sons, John and Frederick, for $1. After John's death, Frederick sold the company, renamed Genesee Fruit Company, to the W.B. Duffy Cider Company for substantially more. In 1914, the two companies consolidated into the Duffy-Mott Company, Inc., a name that remained until it was shortened to simply "Mott's Inc." in 1986. Cadbury Schweppes acquired Duffy-Mott in 1982.

The Cadbury Schweppes purchase ushered in a new age of innovation for the brand, and in 1985, Mott's was the first applesauce to come in single-serve plastic cups. Six years later, Mott's introduced fruit-flavored applesauces, which would eventually grow into Fruitsations flavor line.

In 2001, Mott's Healthy Harvest, an unsweetened applesauce blended with other fruits, entered the market.

In April 2005, Mott's introduced Mott's Plus for Kid's Health and Mott's Plus Light. And, in 2007, Mott's debuted Mott's for Tots, a great-tasting, pre-diluted juice drink, made of 100 percent juice and purified water. Mott's for Tots has 40 percent less sugar than regular apple juice, no artificial sweetener and 100 percent vitamin C. Mott's Plus Sauce, fortified with nutrients like calcium, antioxidants or fiber, became widely available in 2008. In 2010, Mott's added Mott's Medleys to its portfolio. Packed with two total fruit and veggie servings magically hidden in every 8-oz. glass, Medleys is a great way for mom to ensure her kids are getting the fruits and vegetables they need.

The Mott's brand continues as part of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, an integrated refreshment beverage business marketing more than 50 beverage brands throughout North America.



Mott's is proud to support Box Tops for Education® and offer moms a way to load their kids' lunchboxes with healthy snacks while also raising funds for their school. America's schools have earned more than $558 million through the Box Tops for Education® program since the program started in 1996, with more than 90,000 schools using that cash to purchase items such as computers, library books and art supplies. Find out more at btfe.com.


Mott's has partnered with KaBOOM! to show that playing is a great way to incorporate exercise into kids' daily lives. KaBOOM! is the national nonprofit dedicated to saving play. Play is critical to children's health, but it's disappearing from their lives at an alarming rate. To bring play back into the lives of children, KaBOOM! leads playground builds and hosts programs such as KaBOOM! Play Days presented by Mott's, which invites communities to enjoy fun games and activities together as they improve their local parks and playgrounds. Learn more at KaBOOM.org.


Mott's is proud to be a member of the JPA, a trade association which advocates the fruit and fruit juice product industry. One of JPA's main objectives is to advance research establishing the health benefits of apples and apple products.